When Denise Maghema Inaku, aged 70 heard that Taita Taveta County Governor Granton Samboja was going to have a meeting with her at her home in Kiriwuko Village, Wundanyi-Mbale Ward she thought it was a lie.


Denise told herself that she had gone through so many problems she felt that she did not deserve to meet someone as powerful as a governor.


When the County Boss visited her home and gave her the chance to speak she could once more not believe it and she began shedding tears of joy.


“ I was born in 1950 and got widowed at a young age. I got blessed with a son who died this year aged 40. My life has been a lonely one full of struggles. Poverty is perhaps my middle name,” she told Governor Samboja who was keenly listening to her.


At her age, fetching water is a challenge, the governor heard.




She thought she was even neglected by leaders she believed would come to her rescue.


“ I am happy for receiving a visit from you. No governor has ever visited me,” she told the governor, still in disbelief, amid joyful sobs.



“ I at times shower with only a tin of water, to save myself some of this precious commodity for the next day. God bless you Governor Samboja,” she added.


Governor told the widow that he decided to construct a water point at her doorstep to relieve her the burden of travelling almost 4 kilometres of hilly terrain to fetch water.


This is a blessing as this water point is one of the areas the community gets to fetch water under the Mwangoto Water Project set to reach 1,500 households.


Governor Samboja also heard how the impoverished widow became lonelier and hopeless after her only son died aged 40 when in the process of building his beloved mother a house.


Touched by this sad story,  Governor oversaw an impromptu fundraiser collecting over Ksh 100,000 and foodstuff for the widow.


The raised funds will help to complete the house the son did not manage to complete constructing.


County Executive Committee Member CECM in charge of Water, Environment, Sanitation, Climate Change and Natural Resources Esther Mwanyumba was really happy and thanked the governor for his kind act.



“ God’s timing is the best, “ Governor encouraged the widow.