Residents of Piringa village have thanked H.E Governor Granton Samboja for opening up the Kilili- Pringa- Mdongodongo road that had been forgotten for many years.
Speaking today when Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure CECM Gasper Kabaka made an inspection tour of the ongoing works along the road, the residents noted that the road will open up the area for economic prosperity.
“We want to thank Governor Samboja for remembering Piringa and Mbale at large. For a long time we have lived like orphans but now we are happy because we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It’s only the other day when the governor delivered water pipes to supply water in this area. We are optimistic that he will do a lot for us,” said Mr.Charles Mlamba a local resident.
His sentiments were echoed by the roads committee chair Mr. Kileta Mwandoe who added that the road will improve transport in the area.
“We used to incur heavy costs to transport construction materials to the village but once the road is complete, our materials will be ferried to the door step. Farmers will also benefit from the road a lot because they will transport their produce with ease. Emergency response will also be improved because ambulances will easily penetrate the village,” he said.
Kileta added that there is need to work on the road drainages and put up slabs in some sections to ensure the road is passable at all times.
CECM Kabaka assured the residents that his office will work round the clock to ensure that the road infrastructure in the county is improved.
“We are dedicated to the work and as you can see, we are trying hard to ensure that our roads are improved. My department has also ensured that our equipment is in good condition for our normal roads maintenance. We have bought new tyres for our machinery and also revived machines that were grounded for more than four years. This challenge had really affected our work progress but now we are moving swiftly,” he said.
Kabaka toured several roads in Wundanyi-Mbale and Werugha wards respectively where he was accompanied by the department programmes officer Mr. Edward Lenjo and Wundanyi roads officer Jackson Mwasighwa.
The CECM toured Msangaghenyi – Mwalenyi – Msangarinyi road and Phombe Mnyengelonyi roads which are under formation by the County government.