H.E. Governor Granton Samboja has combed through the grassroots areas of Mbololo Ward leaving the residents an excited bunch after the County Boss presented his ambitious water agenda while launching 4 water projects.


Governor Samboja launched the projects namely Gora, Mwandoto-Kambito, Mwangarana-Boniface Mghanga and Mwandau-Ndile to service over 1,000 households collectively.


Governor remarked how the areas targeted are classified as Arid and Semi-Arid Land ASAL experiencing  poor rainfall and scarce water supply since independence, hence the urgent need for the Mbololo area to receive efficient and effective water services.


“ The initiatives serve as a solution to improve service delivery and water connectivity in rural areas per devolution functions, “ the County Boss reiterated.


They are a reprieve reducing the stress of people searching for water over 5 km under extreme sunny weather conditions.


“ Walking to Ndome which is far away to fetch water with a baby on my back is tedious. An inadequate water supply is a reason for poor hygiene and sanitation. I thank Governor Granton Samboja’s administration for we can now maintain higher cleanliness standards since this precious commodity has been brought closer to us,” said Mbololo resident, Rose Wakio, 21.


67-year-old widow Gidnora Msowa was happy that she hosts a water point and that the precious commodity is within her reach.


“ Mbololo has had a challenge of perennial water shortages. This is a blessing as I have not seen piped water since independence. With my age I don’t have to trek 5km to access water sources. God bless Governor Samboja, “ she said.



Gora Water Project


The  upgraded Gora Water Project, has its first-ever communal water point at Kwa Mzee Mwanjala, Mbololo Ward.


The upgrade involved improvement of the service line to run 1.5 km, with a potential of serving over 250 households.


The works will increase water pressure thereby improving service delivery and connectivity in a rural area in dire need of water services.


Mwandoto-Kambito Water Project


The project has the Mama Rose Mboni communal water point.


The water point is to help low income community members afford to connect water to their houses.


The project involved the laying of a 1.5km line from Kambito to Mwandoto to support over 250 households.


Mwangarana-Boniface Mghanga Water Project


The project has a communal water point namely Mama Gidnora Msowa.




The initiative involved extension of a 1.2 km pipeline to service over 250 households.


Mwandau-Ndile Water Project


The Mwandau-Ndile Water Project had 1.5 km of pipeline laid to cater to Ndile Primary School and over 300 households from Mwandau and Ndile.


This brief launch was conducted at the mentioned primary school and the Kwa Mama Margaret Mwashuke communal water point.



Meanwhile, the County Boss concluded by stating that the newly launched initiatives further seek to support small-scale agriculture and domestic use.