H.E. Governor Granton Samboja  visited Kwa Maghema water point, in Kiriwuko village, the remaining water point of the earlier launched Mwangoto Water Project in Wundanyi-Mbale Ward.


Governor Samboja was happy that the people’s burden of fetching water was reduced as they had never seen piped water since independence.


“ You no longer need to walk 3km of hilly areas to get water from the seasonal rivers which sometimes dry up due to extreme weather conditions. Water has now been brought close to you,” Governor remarked.


It was the first time during the commissioning, for Margaret Kazungu who was married in 1966 in Kiriwukoni to see tap water in this village.


70-year-old widow, Denise Maghema said she thought it was a lie when she heard that Governor Samboja would give her a visit during the commissioning.


“ Life is easier as this water point is right at my doorstep. I have never seen a tap since I was born in 1950. We at times shower with only a tin of water. God bless Governor Samboja,” she said.




County Executive Committee Member CECM in charge of Water,  Environment, Sanitation, Climate Change and Natural Resources Esther Mwanyumba welcomed the project while appreciating Governor Samboja’s administration projects that enable people at grassroots level have better water supply.


“ In my heart I have peace now that at least 500 at Kiriwuko village through the Mwangoto Water Project have water brought closer to them. I understood your problem that is why I brought this solution. God’s timing is the best,” the County Boss concluded.


Meanwhile Governor oversaw an impromptu fundraiser collecting over Ksh 100,000 for the widow.


She had told Governor how she was left in poverty after her only 40-year-old son died.


The raised funds will help to complete the house the son was building for her.