Top County officials led by H.E. Governor Andrew Mwadime have met with WaterFund to deliberate on modes of improving water storage, supply and distribution in the County.

The forum held at Voi Municipality offices targets harnessing the water resources of dams, and springs, among others, to ensure residents fully benefit.

“ Our target is to renovate Kishenyi Dam which will better water supply in Kishushe. We are also working on more projects, “ WaterFund Chairman Bill Lay stated.

Meanwhile, Governor Mwadime reiterated the importance of bringing on-board investors such that Taita Taveta does not solely rely on the National Government for funds.

He remarked that his office is willing and ready to accept proposals that would act as a blueprint to convert ideas into global, solution-driven business entities.

Mr Lay stated how the County has the potential to be industrialized in the sectors of steel processing, agriculture, and energy among others.

“ Still, on commerce, we are scanning for low-hanging fruit so we can invest them to benefit the County for generations, “ the County Boss concluded.

H.E. Deputy Governor Christine Saru Kilalo was present alongside County Secretary CS Liverson Mghendi, Chief of Protocol Philemon Madeda, Political Adviser Richard Lukindo, and Economic Adviser Thomas Njumwa, Director Communications Mchikirwa Ndelejai, among other senior officials.