To be a prosperous county with thriving rural and urban economies.


To promote and actively participate in achievement of economic.

Core Values

The county is guided by core values in providing services to its people…


Education Sector

I will facilitate the provision of higher education for all students such as bursary in line with better education for our children and better educational institutions to fulfill the needs in our county.

Business empowerment

I will open up more business opportunities and provide financial assistance to our business people.

Resource Mobilization

We will make sure that there are adequate resources for schools that provide various occupational training to enhance the skills and knowledge of our people.


I will improve farming by providing linkage to farmers who sell our produce to overseas countries.

County Development Projects

News and Upcoming Events

Ongoing Murraming of County Roads

Public Works, Transport and Infrastructure CECM Gasper Kabaka has called on county residents to follow the laid down pro ...

Boost to enforcement Directorate

Taita Taveta County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic planning Andrew Kubo, his Chief Officer Leonard ...

Capacity building for healthcare workers in Taita Taveta on covid-19

The County Government of Taita Taveta through the Department of Health Services in collaboration with the State Minist ...

River Lumi Revived

The County Government has successfully revived River Lumi. Residents have applauded Governor Granton Samboja for revivin ...

County Roads Maintenance

Taita Taveta County government through the department of Public Works has begun excavating murram at the county quarry i ...

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