Ministry of Tourism & Natural Resources

Hon Alexander Mwangeka

County Executive Committee (CEC)

County Chief Officer

Mr Marley Dingiria



The sector comprises the following sub-sectors: Environment, Forestry and Mining as detailed below.


Rehabilitation of dragraded areas such as hills and rivers:

  • Mobilize communities around degraded sites in order to win their support for the projects.

Education and awareness:

  • Develop site specific environment management plan acceptable to all stakeholders.

Ensuring compliance on EIA/EA, waste, water quality and noise regulations:

  • Undertake interventions that will reduce degradation and provide livelihoods improvement to the surrounding communities on a sustainable basis.

Operationalize the environmental coordination and management act; Awareness creation on individual rights under the new Act; Promote alternative sources of energy; Reduce environment degradation to minimal levels:

  • Initiate aggressive Campaign on tree planting and reforestation;
  • Environmental Days and Awards;
  • Increase surveillance and enforcement of existing regulation on charcoal trade;
  • Resettlement of squatters on settlement schemes;
  • Increase surveillance and ensure enforcement of the EMCA ACT;
  • Increase education on integrated pest management and the extension services;
  • Aggressive Campaigns on proper waste disposal/management and use of biodegradable materials;
  • Promotion of an integrated Approach of conservation initiative;
  • Promotion of conservation initiatives focused on certain Catchment areas;
  • Emphasis on conservation for production or activities/outputs that farmers Can derive and share.


Provide Proper infrastructure for solid and liquid waste management:

  • Source for financing and construction of sewage systems .

Increase toilet coverage:

  • Public education to change attitude.


Promotion and protection of Forestry and biodiversity:

  • Gazeetment of forest Areas
  • Promotion of afforestation activities in forests and farm