Projects - Health Sector

Projects for 2013/14 financial year

Construction works

  1. Mwatate Sub county hospital (Paeds + Matt)
  2. Modambogho Dispensary (Matt.)
  3. Mahandakini Dispensary (Matt.)
  4. Kiwalwa Dispensary (Matt.)

Mata disp, ChallaDisp, kitoboDisp, KimorigoHC, KiwalwaDisp, Wundanyi SDH and Wesu DH

Placenta pits

Mata disp, ChallaDisp, MahandakiniDisp, Kimorigo

Rehabilitation of hospital buildings

This will be done at Moi (Voi) DH, Wesu DH and Taveta DH to give them a face lift

Procurement of Ambulances

  1. CT scan machine for Moi (Voi) DH
  2. ECG machine
  3. Assorted Lab equipment
  4. Dental and other medical equipment

Procurement of power generators

Generators will be procured for Wesu DH and Mwatate SDH to provide Power back during power outages.

Future major Health Projects/programs

  1. Establishment of fully fledged L5 and L4 hospitals in Voi and Mwatate hospitals respectively
  2. Establishment of a semi private wing/Amenity ward in Moi hospital (Voi)
  3. Establishment of a matt. Ward in every primary health facility.
  4. Establishment of strategic maternal shelters in hard to reach areas.
  5. Establishment of a functional lab in every primary health facility
  6. Establishment of fully fledged medical imaging department in every level 4 facility
  7. Construction of mortuary in every level 4 facility
  8. Progressive recruitment of health workers to bridge the existing human resource gaps.
  9. Introduction of reverse referral systemin the county