About the ministry

Ministry’s core mandate

To provide:

  1. Preventive Health services
  2. Promotive Health services
  3. Curative services
  4. Rehabilitative services


To be a county with the highest level of quality healthcare for socio-economic productivity


To provide universal quality, accessible and affordable healthcare services in a responsive and accountable man

Core values

  1. Integrity
  2. Professionalism
  3. Reliability
  4. Accountability
  5. Transparency
  6. Innovative.

Key personnel

County Executive Committee Member (CEC)


HON. GIFTON H. MKAYA: PhD (Health services Mgt-KU), MBA (Strategic mgt- UoN) B.Com (Finance-UoN)

Chief Officer (CO)

Mrs . Catherine Mwamuzi-

County Health Management Team (CHMT)

  1. Dr. John Logedi - County Director of Health
  2. Dr. Charles Ndigiri - County Pharmacist
  3. Mr. Ngeti Lagho - County Environmental/ Public Health Officer
  4. Mrs Eunice Masamo- County Nursing officer
  5. Mr. Gervasio K. Guantai- County Health Administrative Officer
  6. Mrs Alice Mwakideu- County Health Records and Information Officer
  7. Mrs. ChristineKalema- County Clinical officer
  8. Mr. SuleimanMwatenga- County Medical Laboratory coordinator
  9. Ms. Pauline Mugo- County Nutritionist
  10. Mrs Mariam Kalela- County Physiotherapist
  11. Scaver M Mwadime – CASCO
  12. George Mwadeghu- COCO