Transform Taita Taveta strategic investment plan is the County's development blueprint covering the period 2015 to 2020, and is modeled along the lines of Kenya’s Vision 2030. Its overarching objective is to support the achievement of the county government’s mission ofTo promote an integrated approach to development, sustainable management of the environment and exploitation of natural resources for the sole purpose of driving cultural, political, social and economic development through appropriate technology for the benefit of the citizens;” and ultimately attainment the goal or vision of:

A prosperous County that supports modern quality life for her people”

The TTT2020 Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive and consultative process, involving all county executives and departments, the county legislature and other key stakeholders in Taita Taveta County. The 23 flagship projects that anchor the TTT2020 strategy were organized around Vision 2030’s three "pillars": Economic, Social, and Political.

Economic Pillar

The economic pillar focuses on improving the prosperity of the people of Taita Taveta County through implementation of flagship projects in the productive sectors, and with huge impacts on incomes and employment. This pillar also addresses key constraints to the county’s development agenda, and builds the case for increased participation by private investors and development assistance. It is further envisaged that implementation of the flagship projects under the economic pillar will significantly impact on growth and incomes of the people of Taita Taveta, contribute to employment creation and address the critical problems of poor infrastructure and high production costs.

Social Pillar

The TTT2020 Strategic Plan further aims to build a productive and cohesive society with a clean and secure environment. The social interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of the residents of Taita Taveta County mainly focuses on the water resources and sanitation sector, education and training sector and the health sector. These transformative projects (and those in the economic pillar) are equally anchored on an all-round adoption of technology and innovation as an implementation tool.

Political Pillar

To facilitate the implementation of the TTT2020 flagship projects outlined in the economic and social pillars, some transformation and reforms is required to ensure an accountable system that is open and transparent, and one that permits free flow of information. In this regard, the transformation within Taita Taveta County’s political governance system under TTT2020 will encompass key policy reform initiatives focused on creating an enabling environment, as well as enhancing the execution capability and implementation of the flagship projects. This pillar is expected to guarantee the County’s attainment of the programs outlined under the economic and social pillars.


The TTT2020 Secretariat, working closely in collaboration with respective county government ministries and departments as well as the private sector, and other relevant stakeholder groups, are responsible for implementation of the TTT2020 Strategic Plan. Each TTT2020 Flagship Project will incorporate an implementation plan elaborating specific activities,  measurable indicators, outputs, and outcomes; and reflecting the theory of change as to how the proposed investment will impact on the County’s growth and sustainability; and definition of roles and responsibilities of various ministries; and budget and resources framework.

The TTT2020 Strategic Plan further incorporates a Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism with specific metrics to regularly and consistently measure progress and impacts of the interventions, and to ensure that activities are on track and effective in achieving the County’s development aspirations.