BUDGET FY 2017-2018


2018 CFSP submitted to the CA on 28th Feb Click here to download

Draft County Annual Development Plan 2017 Final 1st Sept Click here to download

2017 County fiscical Strategy Paper Click here to download

2017- County Budget Review Outlook Paper Click here to download

2016- County Budget Review Outlook Paper Click here to download

2017-18 Programme Based Budgetfor The Year Ending 30th June 2018 narration click here to download

2017-18 First Supplimentary Budget Click here to download

click here for budget fy 2017-2018:/sites/default/files/2017-18%20BUDGET%20ESTIMATES.xls

click here for budget fy 2016-2017:/sites/default/files/BUDGET%20ESTIMATES%20FINAL%202016-17%20.xlsx